D3.2 Hardware prototype with component specification and usage description

In this deliverable we present the first version of the experience capturing hardware prototype design and API architecture, following on from D3.1 and the final selection of sensors. This deliverable involved acquiring, testing and integrating the various off-the-shelf sensors and developing a hardware/software design to connect the various devices and sensors into a single platform. This also involved solving problems around how we would manage the additional computing power, storage and wireless streaming capabilities required for this project.

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D7.2 Outreach & Dissemination Report 1

In this first iteration of the Outreach and Dissemination Report – D7.2, we report on initial efforts and outcomes in dissemination and stakeholder outreach for the first year of the project. We thereby adhere to the planned structure of the original dissemination plan in D7.1. As planned for this early phase, we do not yet have shareable and tangible project results, but there is much external interest in our framework and vision; the consortium has not only reached but exceeded its target measures for five milestones (relevant stakeholders identified, community portal and social media online, community event planned, prepared, and organized, first stage of 30 members on community portal).

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D6.3 Training Scenario and Evaluation Plan for Space

This deliverable describes the WEKIT evaluation case for Space. The space domain is a very complex and challenging environment where the range of pre-flight and in-flight activities that can benefit from the innovative and powerful forms of AR-based and knowledge-intensive training that WEKIT is aiming to develop, verify and make available to advanced industries across Europe.

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WEKIT – Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training

Authors: Kaj Helin, Mikhail Fominykh and Carlo Vizzi
Type: Poster in conference proceedings
Source: the Euro VR Conference
Publisher: Euro VR, online
Date: 22 November, 2016

Abstract: This poster introduces European commission funded H2020 project called WEKIT – Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training. This three-year project has left two years and it will produce a WEKIT platform which exploits Augment training in situ with live expert guidance, a tacit learning experience and a re-enactment of the expert, in knowledge-intensive environments. Project has three industrial cases: (1) Aircraft maintenance: exploiting Augmented Reality and Wearable Technology for inspections, decisions making and safety (2) Healthcare: exploiting Augmented Reality for improving innovation in technology and responsibility in healthcare applications for medical imaging; and (3) Space: exploiting Augmented Reality and Wearable Technology for astronauts training and for supporting the assembly integration and test of payloads and sub-systems. The WEKIT platform will be tested together with end-users with iterative development loops.

D3.1 Requirement analysis and sensor specifications – First version

In this first version of the deliverable, we make the following contributions: to design the WEKIT capturing platform and the associated experience capturing API, we use a methodology for system engineering that is relevant for different domains such as: aviation, space, and medical. Furthermore, in the methodology, we explore the system engineering process and how it can be used in the project to support the different work packages and more importantly the different deliverables that will follow the current.

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WEKIT leaflet #04

This leaflet was designed for the first WEKIT Community Event collocated with ECTEL 2016. It addresses the educational technology community, elaborate on the evaluation cases, and explains why and how to join the WEKIT community.


D1.1 & D1.2 Training Industry Needs & Technology Industry Needs

This deliverable joins D1.1 (User Industry Needs) and D1.2 (Technology Industry Needs and Affordances) and reports on the outcomes of Tasks T1.1 (Training Industry Assessment) and T1.2 (Technology Industry Assessment).
This deliverable gathers information about current practices in the training industry about the current and potential use of AR/WT in educational processes in order to assess training industry needs (D1.1) and to extract input for the WEKIT Framework and Training Methodology (T1.1).

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