WEKIT integration meeting at the Open University of the Netherlands

Technical partners of WEKIT met for two days to discuss and integrate the components of the platform. The event took place in Heerlen, Netherlands on February 06-07, 2017. Teams from Oxford Brookes University, Open university of the Netherlands, VTT, University of Tromsø, Ravensbourne and MyndPlay demonstrated the status of the components they have been working so far.

Major updates were presented on all components:

The current design of the WEKIT hoodie was presented where several features were considered, such as wearable sensors placement (gesture tracking, microphone, battery, possibility for charging), fabric properties, future considerations.


We discussed tracking, use of combination of holotoolkit environmental model and vuforia markers, and the optimization the tracking in the actual environments for the trials.

Experience recording
The first working version of experience recording has been demonstrated. The application is capable of tracking the expert activity, recording the position of the head, direction of the gaze and gestures. It also captures the sound. The expert activity is placed (attached) in a physical environment, and when a recording is completed, the it can be observed and followed in the same physical environment. In the recording, the expert is currently represented as abstract objects that have correct position, direction of gaze, and position of hands.

Several hardware-related questions were discussed, including the microcomputer, power bank, posture sensor, EEG sensors, heart rate sensors, and gesture tracking.

We aligned the vocabulary with ARLEM standard, fined-tuned it, and ensured that all partners have a common understanding of the components.
Several breakout sessions were organized to discuss collaboration in several other areas, including replay and record, user interface components, code sharing, Interactive 3D content, content model and data model, cloud vs local storage, and the Hololens spacial processing unit.
The meeting concluded with planning the remaining technical tasks to be done in the nearest future. Everything is now ready for the final integration of the first prototype.