D6.8 Training Scenario and Evaluation Plan for Engineering

The objective of this document deliverable is the description of the use case scenario and evaluation plan that will be used and followed in the second trial of the engineering healthcare pilot industrial case.
This document is based upon and extends D6.2 describing the rationale behind and the description of the use case scenario of trial iteration 1 and D6.5 that described in details the set-up, implementation and outcomes of the first trial in May 2017.

Some of the technical outcomes and end-user recommendations of trial 1 are the input for the improvement and major objectives in the definition of the use case scenario of the second trial.
With regards to the technical activities in progress on the WEKIT platform (WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5) this deliverable provides the detailed input needed for the expected basic feature of the WEKIT platform to be used in the second iteration trial.
The result of the WP5 Design Participatory Workshop (08.02.2018) are also taken into account in the use case scenario definition.
This deliverable document is organized in 3 main sections:

  • In the first section a recap of the first trial scenario is given, followed by the rationale and the objectives expected in the use case scenario of the second trial.
  • The second section is dedicated to the use case scenario in detail, with more focus on the expected enhancements.
  • The third section of document introduces how the scenario and trial will be analysed and evaluated.