D3.3 Software Prototype with Sensor Fusion API Specification and Usage Description

This deliverable reports on the components of the first functional prototype of the WEKIT sensor fusion API and the experiences made with it. The development of these components is based on previous work on the WEKIT framework and methodology, requirements and scenarios, as well as technological selections and limitations. The deliverable specifies the key interfaces between the software component and the hardware, the backend infrastructure, and the front-end application modules.

To create these interfaces, a corresponding data structure that allows to store the learning materials is defined. This learning materials include:

  • A data structure to define the actions performed by a learner or expert to complete a task
  • The captured learning experiences
  • Annotations to the actions

Following this data structure the document also provides a proposed interface to store, retrieve and manipulate the learning material.
Furthermore, the deliverable contains usage recommendations.