Aircraft Maintenance

WEKIT will evaluate the wearable experience principle and the prototype in three cases. Two cycles of evaluation will be conducted to improve the learning approach and scenarios, and to make final adjustments in the learning model and the technological platform. The evaluation cases were selected based on qualitative and quantitative impact as well as technical fit. Each evaluation case is led by an industrial partner and aims at trialing the prototype in authentic workplace.

“Exploiting AR and WT in aircraft maintenance” is led by Lufttransport AS, one of the leading suppliers of Air Ambulance, rescue operations and medical emergency,  in cooperation with University of Tromsø. The company requires the aircraft be operative and airworthy at all times. Thereby both preventive and corrective maintenance work is needed. The operation environment is demanding due to challenging Arctic weather conditions. The key question is therefore of how to enhance both safe and effective maintenance of aircraft given that maintenance safety and maintenance effectiveness requirements conflict easily.

The targets of this evaluation case are twofold: (a) to research and develop a process for safe and efficient Aircraft maintenance with use of AR and WT and (b) to research and develop a new process for evaluation and documentation of manual maintenance tasks.

The basic idea is that training and performance of maintenance tasks must fulfill the requirements and verification management system set by EASA and ICAO. The training design will include traditional system elements and new AR and WT components developed by WEKIT. Tasks to be tested include: pre-flight inspections; helicopter engine check; decision making and control of critical tasks (Engine Systems); and safety at the sharp end (Communication and Shared mental modelling during Shift handover).

Photo credits: Lufttransport