D7.3 Outreach and Dissemination Report 2

This Deliverable presents stakeholder community events and activities, further development and usage of WEKIT portal, as well as dissemination outcomes in the period of the second year of the project. Following the development of the first WEKIT prototype and its usage in the trials , the dissemination activities gained momentum by the available materials such as pictures, videos and further media that could be distributed on the WEKIT community webpage as well as the social media outlets of WEKIT.

Several organized events and event participations strengthened the WEKIT community. In addition to the reaching out to the participants of the face-to-face events, the information reached stakeholders online, mainly through activities on Facebook.

In the future, we continue our activities and plan to further align and combine the WEKIT community webpage with other activities calling for stakeholder outreach, mainly the requirements collection of WP1 and trial outcomes from WP6. The final iteration of this report, D7.4, will be released in M36.