D7.2 Outreach & Dissemination Report 1

In this first iteration of the Outreach and Dissemination Report – D7.2, we report on initial efforts and outcomes in dissemination and stakeholder outreach for the first year of the project. We thereby adhere to the planned structure of the original dissemination plan in D7.1. As planned for this early phase, we do not yet have shareable and tangible project results, but there is much external interest in our framework and vision; the consortium has not only reached but exceeded its target measures for five milestones (relevant stakeholders identified, community portal and social media online, community event planned, prepared, and organized, first stage of 30 members on community portal).

Lists of relevant stakeholders and relevant stakeholder outreach events, particularly WEKIT community events, are continuously filled with information from all partners as online internal collaborative resources, also used as internal reporting instruments. Partners have disseminated informational and promotional contents on WEKIT on a wide basis with the help of online multimedia (video trailer with over 700 watches, blog articles, newsletters, online journals), print media, public presentations on conferences and fairs, as well as face-to-face meetings with policy makers.

In particular, the consortium held the first WEKIT Community Event at the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning in Lyon, France on 13–16 September 2016, thus reaching an audience from the wider Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) industrial and academic community. Altogether, including WEKIT appearances at over 20 public events, some of them with participation of key innovators and policy makers in project related areas, the WEKIT message reached more than 56.000 people.

These events and the accompanying messages in social media and our community portal produced correlated peaks in the different web-based social media channels, which in this first project phase produced moderate international traffic, mostly from Northern Europe and the US. The WEKIT website registered over 250.000 hits in more than 15.000 visits from more than 9.000 unique visitors.

This deliverable contains adjustments of the initial dissemination plan for specific activities in the second year of the project and some general updates on the dissemination and outreach strategy.