D6.7 Training Scenario and Evaluation Plan for Aeronautics

This document describes the training scenario and evaluation plan for the aeronautical use case scenario.
As D6.1 described three separate tasks with different levels of complexity that were considered for testing in Iteration 1, this deliverable describes the maintenance task that will be tested in Iteration 2.

In D6.1 we added three separate tasks we found fitting for the Iteration 1 trial. These tasks were then categorised into three different complexity levels which was non complex, medium complex and complex tasks. In the actual trial we then decided to go for the task of medium complexity as it was found most fitting to be performed at this time of the project, but also most fitting for the trial candidates.
The task that was used in the trials was of medium complexity, but mostly required the participant to visually inspect the relevant areas and equipment.
In this training scenario, we will also be using a task of medium complexity. However, this time we have chosen a more mechanically challenging task which requires the participant to be more hands on.
This document is composed of three chapters. Chapter 1 describes the scenario and the context of the maintenance activities that will be taken into account. Chapter 2 describes the use case in more details with a particular focus on the procedures. Chapter 3 describes how the scenario will be analysed.