D6.3 Training Scenario and Evaluation Plan for Space

This deliverable describes the WEKIT evaluation case for Space. The space domain is a very complex and challenging environment where the range of pre-flight and in-flight activities that can benefit from the innovative and powerful forms of AR-based and knowledge-intensive training that WEKIT is aiming to develop, verify and make available to advanced industries across Europe.

Prior to WEKIT, a variety of activities leads not only to the production of huge amounts of data whose significance can be hard for trainers to interpret, but also to the timely development of instances of personal know-how that are hard to capture, share and deploy. Our space pilot and evaluation explores more effective ways for trainers and operational managers to handle that flood of data and to transfer and exploit knowledge among the actors involved in a project or a mission.
In WEKIT, we define use cases that test the scope, power and usability of our methodology. These scenarios are described in order to create solid cases to be tested in the working environment to prove that the WEKIT prototype can enhance the performance of the activities in such a field. In particular, the purpose is to reduce the numbers of mistakes during the assembly, maintenance and training activities, reduce the time needed for training (including training in how to speedily detect and recover from mistakes) and be the basis for a new concept of training where the trainer and the trainee can be remotely connected from different locations. Success in that range of space-industry trials is highly likely to result in significant advances in Europe’s capacity to rapidly master innovations in a wide range of knowledge-intensive industries and contexts, with the implication that this deliverable will have high strategic value for years.