D6.2 Training scenario and Evaluation Plan for Engineering

This deliverable describes the WEKIT evaluation case for Engineering in healthcare. We identify scenarios and examples of use cases to demonstrate how the learning processes may be improved by using the WEKIT methodology, in terms of effectiveness, time reduction and user perception.

Complex learning occurs in the medical domain. It involves understanding heterogeneous physiological systems, developing adaptive expertise and acquiring the collaborative skills required in multidisciplinary medical practice. It involves mastery of competencies that enable the individual to effectively perform occupational activities to the standards expected in the professional environment. This requires ample opportunity to practice and the ability to experience all possible variations in contexts and circumstances in order to reach the expert level. Healthcare learning scenarios provide a big variety of use cases as well of different end-users that could benefit from the learning experience.
By way of example, the pulmonary embolism disease has been chosen as a specific clinical use and a protocol for achieving a correct diagnosis is presented by steps. The presented WEKIT training approach, anyway, can be generalised and applied also to the analysis of different diseases and pathologies.