D3.4 Requirement Analysis and Sensor Specifications – final version

In this deliverable, we take into account the results from first set of trials associated with the first wave of the WEKIT prototype (from D3.2 “Hardware prototype with component specification and usage description” and D3.3 “Software Prototype with Sensor Fusion API Specification and Usage Description”). Based on the results and discussions in a technical workshop at Heerlen (November 2017), we propose a final set of requirements and provide an overview of a set of sensors that can be used to meet the requirements and needs of this project.

Based on the overview, we give a set of recommendations that can be used for the development and integration of the final version of the hardware and software platforms. The recommendations include a microcontroller and the associated state-of-the-art sensors, power supply, wiring and communication mode that can be used. These recommendations will be used by the later deliverables of the WP3 and WP5.