D1.6 Requirements for Scenarios and Prototypes – second version

In this deliverable, we present the outcomes of the follow-up activities of the trials concerning the collection of new requirements. We particularly highlight emerged demands in the areas of usability and analytics. The results are prioritized using the Requirements Bazaar methodology and tool. They are currently fed into the development process by WP2. WP6 is using the outcomes of this deliverables to improve the execution of the next planned trials. The final iteration of this report will be released in the last month of the project.

Within WP1, T1.4 Requirements for Scenarios and Technological Platform is responsible to set up the Requirements Bazaar methodology and toolkit to continuously collect, update, negotiate and correct requirements among the stakeholders involved.

The first version of this deliverable presented the methodology in detail and listed the outcome of the first idea collection of the WEKIT Community and described WEKIT’s three industrial scenarios. Based on these inputs, WP2 developed the first prototypes that were put into practice by WP6.