WEKIT industrial trials 2017 video

Using Augmented Reality, WEKIT effectively brings textbooks to life using digital visual and audial information that overlay on the physical environment, for example in the form of animations. The WEKIT.one soft- and hardsystem shows the trainee what to do through the eyes of the expert, allowing the trainee to learn by experience rather than simply reading about it or watching a video tutorial. It also allows an expert to create instructions easily – by capturing performance using Wearable Technologies.

Technology was used to capture experts doing what they do best and then training others to follow the procedures. Specially developed applications for both the experts and novices were used and feedback was collected to assess the suitability and acceptance of the system in three distinct scenarios: aircraft maintenance training, astronaut training, and radiologist training.

In total, the WEKIT hard- and software technology was tested with 142 participants, evaluating specific features of the prototype and the training approach, technology acceptance, system usability, user satisfaction of training with AR glasses and human-computer interface, and simulation sickness.