WEKIT at DG CONNECT meeting among Horizon 2020 projects on digital learning

On March 27, 2017, representatives of 30 top European Union projects in the field of Digital Learning (managed by the unit G3 ‘Learning, Multilingualism & Accessibility’ in DG CONNECT) met in Luxembourg on invitation of the European Commission in order to take stock of achievements, exchange, and increase coherence. Dr. Fridolin Wild participated in his role as scientific director of the WEKIT project.

dg connect

The meeting identified five key areas, among them – prominently – Augmented Reality (AR) and Wearable Enhanced Learning. In this key area, several questions have been discussed and the following have been concluded:

  • AR and wearable learning is happening and it will be a huge market
  • Linking pockets of innovation, collecting evidence, sharing experience with the gazillion sensors available
  • Content is king: digital agenda taken seriously means creating large pools of wearable content; lowering entry barriers through recording and in situ authoring systems; creating large pools of 3D OER
  • Learning from ‘The Best’
  • Standardization and standard platforms: sensor fusion, sensor mapping, IoT, graceful degradation to cheaper delivery platforms
  • Data ownership and privacy: e.g. EEG data of learners?
  • Wearable learning methodologies, compatible with existing ones: upgrading content, transformation methodologies, inventory of competencies it is suitable for
  • Business models: hardware is expensive, but consumer devices are expensive too. If we want wearable solutions, such as smart glasses, to be an essential part of school and work life, we have to come up with financing solutions and business models
  • Business models: creating an ecosystem of content providers, soft- and hardware vendors, buyers

The following research challenges have been identified:

  • Collaborative AR learning experiences: small teams or full classrooms
  • Industry 4.0: working with cyberphysical systems
  • Achieving accuracy in assessment and feedback
  • Objects in learning: working with AR and 3D printing

Read also a report from the meeting by Dr. Fridolin Wild at https://pal.cct.brookes.ac.uk/h2020-projects-on-digital-learning/