13 Jan

WEKIT kick-off

The WEKIT kick-off meeting was held on 11-12 January in Milan, Italy. The objective was to fine tune project objectives and action plans for the upcoming months.


Presentation of research on wearables at Ravensbourne


Enthusiastic scientific chairing of the meeting by Fridolin Wild

In addition to a series of general management and specific work package presentations, three thematic workshops were organised by the WEKIT partners to brainstorm about the WEKIT framework and stakeholder needs (by OUNL), use cases and applications of Augmented Reality and Wearable Technologies (by OU), as well as open tools for software programming and communication based on open software licenses and standards (by RTWH). The outcomes of these workshops will feed back to the work package activities.


Brainstorming use cases and training scenarios


Trials of AR applications developed by VVT

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