Learning analytics for workplace and professional learning

Authors: Tobias Ley, Ralf Klamma, Stefanie Lindstaedt and Fridolin Wild
Type: Conference proceedings
Source: the Sixth International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge
Publisher: ACM New York, NY, USA
Date: 25 April 2016

Abstract: Recognizing the need for addressing the rather fragmented character of research in this field, we have held a workshop on learning analytics for workplace and professional learning at the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference. The workshop has taken a broad perspective, encompassing approaches from a number of previous traditions, such as adaptive learning, professional online communities, workplace learning and performance analytics. Being co-located with the LAK conference has provided an ideal venue for addressing common challenges and for benefiting from the strong research on learning analytics in other sectors that LAK has established. Learning Analytics for Workplace and Professional Learning is now on the research agenda of several ongoing EU projects, and therefore a number of follow-up activities are planned for strengthening integration in this emerging field.