Do You Know What Your Nonverbal Behavior Communicates? – Studying a Self-reflection Module for the Presentation Trainer

Authors: Jan Schneider, Dirk Börner, Peter van Rosmalen and Marcus Specht
Type: Conference proceedings
Source: the Third International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN 2017)
Publisher: Springer, Cham
Date: 26 June, 2017

Abstract: In recent years, research on multimodal sensor-based technologies has produced different prototypes designed to support the development of public skills. These prototypes are able to analyze the nonverbal communication of learners and provide them with feedback, in cases where human feedback is not available. One of these prototypes is called the Presentation Trainer (PT). Experts in public speaking claim that ultimately there is not such thing as the right way to do a presentation. They pointed out that it would be useful for tools such as the PT to present learners with the opportunity to become aware of their own nonverbal communication. Following this suggestion we developed a self-reflection module for the PT. In this study we conducted user tests exploring the use of this module. Results from these tests showed that participants perceived that the self-reflection module helped them to reflect about their performance, and point out research paths to further investigate the influence of self-reflection in the learners’ performance.