D8.4 Roadmap and Sustainability

This D8.4 deliverable describes WEKIT roadmap, setting out the key driving factors, actions and timeframes that will enable WEKIT to shape knowledge-intensive training practices, technologies, standards and business models in many industries. In strict interrelation with such roadmap, the deliverable describes the associated sustainability plans, considered from a mid-term and long-term multi-disciplinary perspective, both at partner level and at project level.

Section 1 is an introductory part, where the scope and objectives of the deliverable are outlined, as well as its positioning within WEKIT internal and external environment.

In Section 2 the methodological guiding principles and approaches are deepened, with details on:

  • the roadmap building blocks and the types of stakeholders interested in WEKIT Roadmap
  • the ‘DevOpsUse’ end-user driven innovation approach and Technology Acceptance Model followed for stakeholder participation
  • stakeholders’ mobilization and involvement in the design and refinement of the roadmap
  • examples of engagement with key actors at European level, as well as the online survey, interviews, bilateral meetings and stakeholders’ consultation during the final event

Section 3 fully describes WEKIT roadmap for AR and WT-based training and knowledge-intensive experience-sharing in industry, resulting from the depicted analysis of stakeholders’ feedback, as well as by partners’ knowledge and lessons learnt from pilot operations.

Section 4 outlines the sustainability framework, both at project level and at partner level, lingering over:

  • Exploitable Assets
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Sustainability Model and Market Penetration Plan
  • Individual Sustainability plans (comprehensive Individual Sustainability Plans are inserted in Annex I)
  • WEKIT Joint Sustainability actions and future plans, as well as Commercial Exploitation Vehicle
  • IPR strategies and Model Joint Ownership Agreements

Section 5, finally, draws the main conclusions.