D8.3 Standardisation Outcomes

WEKIT has been engaged in standardisation activity from day one, most notably through its leadership on the IEEE standard association working group P1589, via its chair Fridolin Wild. This deliverable reports on the standardisation process of the ARLEM working group. It summarises the key changes from the first balloted draft version of the specification to the current one, in a lesson learnt style, also with the aim of allowing others to benefit from the requirements of a standardisation process.

Over the funded period of WEKIT, this has lead to two iterations of the specification, version one reported about in deliverable D2.2 and version two reported about in deliverable D2.3.

This has led to exchange and even involvement in several related initiatives. Through the sponsor in the IEEE standards association, the learning technologies standards committee (LTSC), interaction with the other standards in development was and is taking place. Most notably, this includes interaction with the xAPI working group, the competency standards working group, the adaptive instructional systems (AIS) working group, the SCORM renewal working group, the mobile learning technology working group, the task-model for project-based learning (TMPL) working group, and the actionable data book working (ADB) group.

Moreover, this led to involvement in the IEEE Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (IEEE ICICLE), and the associated ICICLE SIG XR for Learning and Performance Augmentation, which is co-chaired by Dr Fridolin Wild (OBU) and Dr Mikhail Fominykh (EP). This provides a pathway into a learning engineering curriculum. As part of the AR standardisation activity, we have also engaged with future internet groups (IEEE 5G working group, EC future internet).