D8.1 Exploitation and IPR Plan

This document outlines our evolving framework for managing results and linked IPR from WEKIT and similar projects. Our ‘work-in-progress’ approach is presented as a storyline based on a learning journey. The journey begins with desk research into current good practice relating to results and IPR, and ends with examples of incorporating innovations such as (WEKIT-linked) evolving open standards and workflows that are being developed by industry and standards groups.

As with all learning journeys being developed in WEKIT, each step in that self-referential journey could be replicated, shared and experienced using WEKIT tools. The purpose of such an experience would be to appreciate and then to master results-focused product and process innovations covering every step in managing results, starting with identifying problems and challenges that lack an effective/affordable/scalable solution.

Seeking a solution is the driver for investing resources in obtaining a result that can lead to a faster/better/cheaper solution. The learning journey for managing results then looks at how to focus our resources on driving for high quality results. Quality here means: making a significant difference to the state of the art; easy to appropriate (adopt) by a wide range of beneficiaries; can be the basis for self-sustainability after a project’s initial funding ends.