D7.4 Final Outreach and Dissemination Report

The deliverable 7.4 “Final Outreach and Dissemination Report” reports on the dissemination activities of the WEKIT project. The third year of the project was marked by an intensification of dissemination. It culminated in the organization of the third community event as outstanding appearance of WEKIT at one of the mixed reality industry’s biggest trade fairs, the Augmented World Expo Europe 2018.

It is the third and last version of a series of dissemination reports of year 1 (D7.2) and year 2 (D7.3), preceded by the initial dissemination plan (D7.1). The document presents stakeholder community events and activities, further development and usage of WEKIT portal, as well as dissemination outcomes in the period of the third year of the project. With the advancement of the WEKIT.one technological platform, the dissemination activities gained momentum by the available materials such as pictures, videos and further media that could be distributed on the WEKIT community webpage as well as the social media outlets of WEKIT.