D6.4 Implementation of Evaluation Trials in Aeronautics – first version

The objective of the Aeronautical pilot case was to test the WEKIT prototype on a real procedure used for the maintenance training in Aviation, as defined in D6.1 – Training Scenario and Evaluation Plan for Aeronautics.

Taking into consideration the state of readiness of both the recorder and player WEKIT prototype and the difficulty of obtaining ‘AR-ready’ modelling data (e.g., exact 3-D models of aircraft engines and their components), we decided to use the 10 first steps of the medium complex task i.e., pre-flight inspection, which was a sufficient number of steps to go through to test the WEKIT prototype, get as many people through and still have a good amount of data to analyse.

Despite the fact that the WEKIT prototype is in its early stage, it was possible to have a very productive trial. The trainers found the tool very promising and useful for the training activities and they were happy to contribute to the enhancement of the prototype by means of discussions, interviews, and questionnaires.

During the trial, we improved our knowledge of how the Hololens and the WEKIT prototype work in a small space like the aircraft cockpit/cabin and all the challenges that brings. This information was useful for further development. We can also conclude that the prototype WEKIT software is a step in the right direction as it was mostly easy for the students (who have never done maintenance tasks) to follow the instructions and complete the procedure.

Through this early trial of the prototype we have gathered valuable experience of key scenarios (e.g., ‘learning to operate in a constrained space’) that are important commercially but are neglected by AR researchers, in terms of how, where, when, and what to do in a coordinated manner. This means that for the next trials, we are better equipped to explore those scenarios in depth and to handle various operational issues. Furthermore, we plan to perform the trials with more than 55 participants in the next iteration of the evaluation.