D6.12 Evaluation Process and Results for Space case

The purpose of this D6.12 document is to describe the second and final trial of the WEKIT prototype for the Space Industrial Case. The selected use case for the test (including the after-action review) covered all features of the WEKIT platform and learning model. It was a procedure derived from the future manned Exploration activities, dedicated to the recharge of the batteries of a Mars Rover before starting an exploration mission on the planet. The users had to execute the steps of the procedure using the Player functionality, while trainers performed the creation of the steps using the Recorder functionality.

The scenario and the procedure were already described in D6.9, although they have been updated and adapted to better represent the scenario.

The challenge for each trial was: (a) to explore the use of AR/WT to achieve the necessary level of trainee performance, in less time and making fewer errors than conventional training, (b) to help trainees in using the Wearable Experience methodology to record critical events and share them with their trainer and other trainees, and (c) to extensively experiment with the use of the WEKIT recorder by experts to create authoritative sets of training procedures.

All aspects of that challenge were met in each of the trials as will be presented in the following deliverable.

The Space Industrial Case trial took place at ALTEC facility in Turin, during an extensive period, starting from July 4th 2018 and ending on February 6th 2019. This longer timeframe was needed in order to comply with the requirement of having 150 candidates for each industrial partner to sustain the test. In ALTEC, we had a total of 199 candidates involved in the trials.

Since September 2018 the candidates used also the sensors harness during the performance, so that the relevant sensors data have been collected and analysed as well.

The data and feedback from the participants were collected by means of online surveys designed in order to get a more comprehensive feedback on their experience. The data collected from the participants have been later on analysed and the results are described in this report.