D6.1 Training scenario and Evaluation Plan for Aeronautics

This deliverable describes the WEKIT evaluation case for Aeronautics. Three tasks of different complexity are presented: engine rigging, brake wear check, and preflight inspection.

  1. Complex maintenance task. Aircraft engine rigging involves adjusting various components associated with the control systems in order to get a smooth performance of the aircraft during ground running and flight, and the associated parameters within limit. It requires strict conformance to procedures described in the manufacturer`s maintenance manuals and service instructions. For this, technology can be used to provide better training, sharing of experience, and capturing best practices. Such a solution can save time and reduce the associated costs.
  2. Non complex maintenance task. A brake wear check is performed at preflight inspections and every 200 hrs phase inspections. Inspections are performed to measure the brake wear. On this task and others, the maintenance manual pictures are not always easy to understand. For this augmented reality glasses can be used for object enrichment for example to display arrows were to measure.
  3. Medium complex maintenance task. Pre-flight inspection is used to determine if the aircraft is in airworthy condition. In order to conduct a pre-flight inspection, a lot of paperwork and reference information is gathered and studied before actually proceeding to the aircraft to conduct the inspection. To this end, an automated solution can reduce the time and improve the quality of inspection.