D6.0 Training Scenario and Evaluation Plan Methodology

This deliverable has the objective to introduce the work done within WP6, explaining the innovative methodology used to define and evaluate the Industrial cases.
Our starting point is the need to evaluate the learning methodology and the technological platform in authentic contexts.

The project will implement a prototype and conduct two cycles of trials in actual workplace settings. Based on the WEKIT methodology, a set of scenarios will be developed for end-user-prioritised tasks in three distinct industries (aeronautics, engineering and space). The scenarios will be described in D6.1, D6.2 and D6.3 while their evaluation will be described in D6.4, D6.5 and D6.6. This provides the basis for developing analytics for the impact and effectiveness of the industrial learning methodology.
We will facilitate the cooperation among the Industrial Partners and ensure the consistency between the pilot cases and the WEKIT methodology. We will collect the requirements from the Industrial Partner and from the WEKIT community in order guide the development of the prototype and to create solid cases to allow a thorough evaluation of the prototype.
During the trials both quantitative physiological and performance data will be collected in order to get a robust triangulation of the results and feedback collected during and after the trials. The results of this test and evaluation phase will be used to define a roadmap for a full exploitation of the results.