D5.8 WEKIT Wearable Design Solutions

Following the initial garment designs and the proposed Sensor Specifications, we conducted participatory design workshops to determine the final design specifications of the Wearable Design Solutions in accordance with their intended industrial use-cases. This D5.8 document details the design, prototyping and evaluation of (initially) two sensor-containing garments developed in parallel, based on the above specifications.

The goal here is to refine the wearables design methodology via iterative user test cycles, to develop and evaluate design solutions, and then to assess ways to begin to disseminate and exploit the findings and the design solutions. The Wearable Design Solution is derived from the outputs and results of the Design Methodology for Wearability (D5.1), Wearable Design Solutions first version (D5.2), Design Methodology for Wearability and Ergonomics (D5.11). The solution has implemented the result of the Sensor Technology Specification (D3.4), Wearable capturing platform (D3.5). The Introduction lists the types of sensors now supported.