D5.5 Pathway for Business Process Integration

WEKIT industry partners undertook customer-facing surveys of the perceived or potential applications and value of integrating data and systems used for AR-based Training and General Workplace Processes and related Knowledge-Management (e.g., to help team members to capture, share and refine their workplace experiences). Those survey findings are combined with findings from a literature review on how wearable technology may seamlessly be integrated into general business processes in a variety of industries. The focus of this D5.5 deliverable is on using those surveys to develop an interoperability pathway between AR-based Training and General Workplace Processes.

We explore how that technical-level pathway can be used to link two different knowledge journeys, which, taken together, help in mastering and exploiting the fine-details of tasks (“How-to” knowledge and practice), and a strategic view (“Why-to” knowledge about how and why a group of tasks inter-relate synergistically). One of the two journeys is “Local-level to Overview-level”, while the reverse journey is “Overview-level to Local-level”.
We outline how integrating data and systems for AR-based Training and General Workplace Processes is done using modern methods and technologies from Industry 4.0. These include utilising IoT sensor frameworks coupled with AR formatted workplace training that together can help to elucidate where Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) may need to be created to develop a whole-Enterprise pathway to integrate training-related business processes, including processes that are the responsibility of the training department as well as non-training processes such as designing and running a production line. We give examples of how our surveys and analyses support our ideas for further development of our platform, to better align training-related Business Process Integration, BPI, and non-training BPI.

Current BPI described by WEKIT Industrial Partners included reporting their current business process integration, how workplace integration and API integration happens smoothly, what training is currently provided for on-boarding (joining) their company, and how BPI helps at customer level.

Workplace Integration surveys done with Lufttransport (Aerospace partner), ALTEC (Space partner) and eBIT (Medical partner) highlighted interest by stakeholders in participating in creating integration strategies to help training departments to deliver more value to senior managers. The literature survey highlighted additional ways in which wearable systems in other industries might be integrated into business processes. From the survey it was found that the WEKIT platform could be exploited in blue-collar sectors such as Warehousing, Equipment Manufacturing and Metallurgy, as well as order picking and asset management.