D5.4 Visualization design solutions – first version

The objective the this Deliverable relates to design areas of Visualization Design Solutions and more generally the following challenges:

  • To define a design methodology for wearability and for ergonomics in workplaces.
  • To define design recommendations for wearable experience capturing and re-enactment.
  • To perform user testing of hardware and software design solutions.
  • To generate an interactive toolkit.
  • To create an interactive repository of captured experience content.

These design, experience and interaction elements are focused into the deliverable to explore,

  • The look and feel of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). These were explored at the UI Workshop at Ravensbourne. The workshop revealed that many UI and UX elements would be good to include. Journey maps/breadcrumb trails as well as icons/symbols to mark equipment with for AR triggering and guidance. Sets of UI/UX for Capture and Replay stages, including common elements shared by both, were formulated, designed and collated.
  • The challenges of effective workflow including information overload and decision making processes in new situations. Continuous partial attention and information overload are often big risks. How can user centred design create hybrid interventions that do not distract people from meaningful engagement with the objects they are designed to augment.

This document takes the collective work done so far on the types of interaction supported by the WEKIT first prototype. It includes:

  • An initial set of User Interface design elements jointly elaborated in a project workshop
  • Samples of UI and UX elements currently in use in Microsoft Hololens AR Applications
  • Initial prototype menu elements and a sample created in Unity 3D Engine software