D5.2 Wearable Design Solutions – first version

The Wearable Design Solutions task will integrate the WEKIT experience capturing prototype into a fashionable, wearable garment. The integration process involved three iterations of the prototype, each prototype was modified based on the evolving requirements and prototype 3 is the latest model for the first wave.

The kit itself needs to incorporate many different elements, and yet still retain everyday wearability. The Key technology that needed to be incorporated included: the Alex Posture Sensor, the MYO Arm Band, the Leap Motion Sensor, The Myndplay EEG Brainwave monitor band, The ECG Heart Rate monitor, The Lenovo Microcomputer and the head worn HoloLens device.

Through discussion, we decided that the Alex Posture Sensor would best work attached to the headpiece, as for wearability, the neck of a garment needs to remain movable, and it would be very difficult to retain comfort and the form factor needed to accommodate such a posture sensor in that position.

Most of the other sensors could be attached to the Hololens, so the decision was made to focus on incorporating the MYO band and a heart monitor around the wrist, with casing for the wires that would be accessible yet protected. The most important factor was to retain comfort in the garment, but with an overall clean aesthetic that held the sensors in place and kept them fully functioning.