D2.5 WEKIT.one Final Prototype

This deliverable D2.5 accompanies the final prototype, the WEKIT.one, as its user handbook. It documents the final result of the software development and integration process, concluding two big implementation waves and with several smaller and more agile breakout development activities.

Development thereby has been informed by feedback from the two iterations of bigger, quantitative user trials as well as several smaller, often more qualitative-focused lab tests. User feedback helped improve usability and user experience of the application from the previous release (see D2.4).

The WEKIT.one client is an integrated application for authoring and executing learning experiences. Authoring thereby includes a hands-free editor for annotating the real-world with the learning content required for following a specific learning activity as well as a sensor-based observation mode for live recording of expert performance. The resulting work product, an authored learning activity with all its content augmentations, is called a ‘learning experience’ and is stored as ARLEM internally as well as to the cloud. These learning experiences can be shared across devices and locations, and executed via re-enactment by interaction between the client application and the learner.

Its main achievement is both in approach as well as implementation, as it provides a viable solution to user-generated content creation – in situ and with anchoring in a shared reference space. It implements a well-defined and documented content model standard and uses built in as well as external sensors for adding value to the experience.