D2.4 First Prototype

The WEKIT Deliverable 2.4 assesses the completion of the first prototype of the WEKIT platform, including the results of technical testing in cycle 1 of development. D2.4 follows the development pattern “MVP” (minimum viable product), also called “DEM: Demonstrator, pilot, prototype”. The main design goals concerned both hard- and software aspects of the MVP-prototype. This report describes how those goals were met and then evaluated in trials. The integrated prototype described in the deliverable contains input from WP2, WP3, WP4, and WP5.

This first prototype has three main parts corresponding to the three main functions planned for at this stage:

  1. WEKIT.one Recorder (function: captures expert performance)
  2. WEKIT.one Re-enactment (function: augments the trainee performance)
  3. WEKIT.one analytics (function: allows to review captured data and an evaluation after the training has been completed).

The roadmap for developing future stages envisages enhancements to each function that meet the immediate needs of important target groups (e.g., early adopters of capacity-development innovations relevant to the industry 4.0 ecosystem, who are already collaborating with WEKIT partners).

We have begun discussions of how the WEKIT platform can interoperate with systems already in use in advanced manufacturing. Looking some years ahead, we are tracking the work of companies trying to go even further (e.g., the US-based performance-enhancement company Neuralink, which is part of the Elon Musk stable of ‘Moonshot’ companies). Since such US work goes far beyond the industry 4.0 state of the art, our current MVP vision is limited to what can be scaled up in the EU and can have a high value to EU R&D on KETs (key enabling technologies).