D2.3 Final Architecture and Learning Experience Content Model

Within this deliverable, we report on two activities: the content model for Augmented Reality Learning Experience Models (ARLEM) and the AR training system architecture.

ARLEM went through a major revision from the last version to the present, essentially upgrading large parts of the specification following the feedback from the balloting committee of the IEEE standards association. This has resulted, most notably, in a more strict separation of formal and informal parts of the specification, and a complete update of the definition parts, removing the previous definitions by example. Moreover, the overall processing behaviour, the box model for the activity model and the workplace model, as well as basic system dialogues have been fitted with better, conceptual explanations (and illustrations). In total, these changes satisfy the 126 comments received from the balloting committee.

Over the period from the first to the second prototype, the most notable change is that the two disparate subsystems, player and recorder, were fully integrated into a single software prototype, the ‘WEKIT.one unified’.

Functionality for the prototype now falls into several component groups, ‘common’ functionality shared across ‘player’ and ‘recorder, as well as ‘cloud’ repository functionality.

The trials provide evidence that the system landscape successfully achieved interoperability, allowing recordings from one device to be uploaded to the cloud repository, to then be downloaded onto another device to play. The system architecture documented here can serve as a blue print for others’ implementations of an AR training system.