D1.8 Requirements for Scenarios and Prototypes – final version

This D1.8 document is the last deliverable associated to the Requirements for Scenarios and Technological Platform. It gives an overview of the requirements for scenarios and prototypes collected in the last year of WEKIT. Based on the Requirements Bazaar methodology and toolkit, requirements were continuously collected, updated, negotiated, and corrected among the stakeholders involved.

The first version of this deliverable presented the methodology in detail and listed the outcome of the first idea collection of the WEKIT Community and described WEKIT’s three industrial scenarios. Based on these inputs, WP2 developed the first prototypes that were put into practice by WP6. Version D1.6 of this deliverable, presented the outcomes of the follow-up activities of the trials concerning the collection of new requirements. Version D1.8 of this deliverable presents the requirements extracted from the second trials performed in the industrial scenarios. These are documented in the Requirements Bazaar.