D1.8 Requirements for Scenarios and Prototypes – final version

This D1.8 document is the last deliverable associated to the Requirements for Scenarios and Technological Platform. It gives an overview of the requirements for scenarios and prototypes collected in the last year of WEKIT. Based on the Requirements Bazaar methodology and toolkit, requirements were continuously collected, updated, negotiated, and corrected among the stakeholders involved.

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D7.4 Final Outreach and Dissemination Report

The deliverable 7.4 “Final Outreach and Dissemination Report” reports on the dissemination activities of the WEKIT project. The third year of the project was marked by an intensification of dissemination. It culminated in the organization of the third community event as outstanding appearance of WEKIT at one of the mixed reality industry’s biggest trade fairs, the Augmented World Expo Europe 2018.

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WEKIT keynote at AWE EU 2018 – video

Training 4.0: AR Experience Capturing and Sharing by Dr. Fridolin Wild (Science and Technology Director of WEKIT).
A talk from the Enterprise Track at Augmented World Expo Europe AWE EU 2018 – the World’s #1 XR Conference & Expo in Munich, Germany 18 -19, October 2018.

Why settle for a bad instructor, if you can learn knowledge-intensive tasks from the luminaries of a field? With Augmented Reality live guidance and wearable sensor capturing of expert behaviour, a new generation of learning and training systems is arriving in the work place: hands-on holographic tutoring.

WEKIT Community Event at AWE 2018

WEKIT successfully organized the third community event at the World leading Augmented Reality conference and expo – Augmented World Expo (AWE.EU). The event took place in Munich, Germany on October 18-19, 2018. It featured over 100 speakers, 100 exhibitors and attracted nearly 2000 participants!

We were proud to contribute to the success of the Augmented Word Expo Europe with our booth and a featured talk!

The WEKIT team demonstrated the breakthrough achievements for our augmented reality and wearable solution! We exhibited the different versions of the e-textile garment with integrated sensors as well as the WEKIT.one software solution for smart glasses. We also shared the results of the trials of the solution in the space industry, aviation, and medicine.
WEKIT booth info at AWE EU website.

The WEKIT Science and Technology director Dr Fridolin Wild, gave a talk “Training 4.0: AR Experience Capturing and Sharing” to the audience of the Enterprise Track of the conference. The talk included an overview of Industry 4.0 trends, the need for innovative solutions for workplace training as well as the details of the technologies behind the WEKIT solution and the findings of the pilot trials reported so far in a series of articles and papers.

Fridolin Wild speaker info at AWE EU website.

D5.8 WEKIT Wearable Design Solutions

Following the initial garment designs and the proposed Sensor Specifications, we conducted participatory design workshops to determine the final design specifications of the Wearable Design Solutions in accordance with their intended industrial use-cases. This D5.8 document details the design, prototyping and evaluation of (initially) two sensor-containing garments developed in parallel, based on the above specifications.

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