WEKIT stands for Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training. WEKIT is an ambitious European research and innovation project supported under Horizon 2020 to develop and test within three years a novel way of industrial training enabled by smart Wearable Technology (WT). In particular, 13 WEKIT partners representing academia and industry from six countries in Europe will build a ground-breaking industrial-strength learning technology platform and unique methodology to capture expert experience and share it with trainees in the process of enabling immersive, in-situ, and intuitive learning. In this way, WEKIT will bring learning content and technical documentation to life via task-sensitive Augmented Reality (AR), making industrial training more efficient, affordable and engaging.

WEKIT will mobilise the community of stakeholders – WEKIT.club – to roadmap safe skill pathways for use of Technology-Enhanced Learning in changing industrial landscapes. The technology platform developed in the project – WEKIT.one – based on a thorough analysis of industrial needs and validated through user tests will enhance human abilities to acquire procedural knowledge by providing a smart system that directs attention to where it is most needed. Thanks to WEKIT, new smarter products and services will significantly improve workflows, enhancing (re)training of workers whose skill sets need upgrading after ‘Industry 4.0’.

  • To develop an open Technology platform for Augmented Reality experience based on open standards and licenses
  • To Research how we identify, acquire and exploit skills valued by industry and based on it develop and evaluate a conceptual framework for capturing workplace experience, combining it with technical documentation
  • To augment Training in situ with live expert guidance, a tacit learning experience and a re-enactment of the expert
  • To create a Roadmap for Augmented Reality-experience-based learning together with the Community ensuring high take-up by early adopters in the industry