D7.1 Dissemination Plan

The WEKIT dissemination plan provides a structured planning of relevant activities within the timeline of the project. The plan contains the dissemination aims and principles, the target audiences, the WEKIT communication strategy, the communication actions and tools, communication management plans, as well as the measures of success.

This document focuses on a specific yet important aspect of the project’s dissemination and communication strategy: identifying the target groups that need to be reached as well as a timeline for dissemination activities.
Certain issues and quality criteria should be considered during the implementation of dissemination actions. This deliverable also tries to give useful recommendations on this. Furthermore, some instruments to evaluate the dissemination activities will be presented.

A project and its results can only be successful when they are of sustainable value, both during and after the project timeline. The actual use of project outcomes is dependent upon successful dissemination activities. Therefore, it is important to understand that a good dissemination strategy is the basis for successful exploitation of results.